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1930s Train advert with LT advertising contact details
For general and media enquiries, this email address is checked regularly:
For academic enquiries, for example from current or prospective students, or
from members of staff at other academic institutions concerning research or
teaching, please use the following address:
To subscribe to my monthly newsletter, use the following email address,
including a short greeting so that I know you are a human being:
Other addresses are given elsewhere for specific topics.

If you wish to enquire about using my designs for academic or commercial use,
please read the following web page first:
My mailing address is:
  • Dr Max Roberts
    Tube Map Central
    7 Newgate Street
    CO14 8DT
Stingemore with telephone
For voice, contact me by email in the first instance for an appointment,
you can also try my phone number, leaving a message if I am not available:
  • +44 1255 318907

Photographs: top right, contact details 1948 style on a London Underground train; bottom left, Frederick Stingemore, the designer of Underground maps from 1925 to 1932, with telephone.