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Map Showcase: Books that Include My Designs

Here are all the books that I’m aware of which include one or more of my own creations. Many of these are about map design, and my comprehensive list of books on this topic is here. My maps also appear in books on design and infographics, and also cities. I am always happy for my work to be included in coffee table compilations, if you want to request an image reproduction permission, then read this page first.

Metro Maps of the World
Metrokaarten van der Wereld

By Mark Ovenden
UK first edition: 2003, Capital Transport Publishing
ISBN 1854142727

Mark has been an early and loyal supporter of my work, and
the first editions of his essential reference book included my attempt at a pocket-sized New York City Subway map.

Telling the Passenger Where to Get Off:
George Dow and the Development of the Diagrammatic Railway Map

By Andrew Dow
2005, Capital Transport Publishing
ISBN 1854142917

Two early car line diagrams that predate the work of Henry Beck, painstakingly reconstructed from photographs.

Mapping London: Making Sense of the City

By Simon Foxell
2007, Black Dog Publishing, ISBN 1906155070

Curvy Tube Map gets its first ever outing, but it’s a shame that the
gutter got in the way.

Paris Metro Style in Map and Station Design
Paris Underground:
The Maps, Stations, and Design of the Metro

By Mark Ovenden
UK first edition: 2008, Capital Transport Publishing
ISBN 1854143228

Contains a digital recreation one of Henry Beck’s
prototypes, and my Paris All-Curves map.

Historic Maps and Views of London
Historic Maps and Views of Paris

By George Sinclair
2009, Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
ISBN 1579127978/1579127985

The pictures are intended to be removed for framing.

London in Maps: A changing Perspective

By Seppe Cassettari et al.
2011, Geo Information Group, ISBN 0954527020

Two maps together that nicely summarise my philosophy on breaking convention.

Railway Maps of the World
Great Railway Maps of the World

By Mark Ovenden
USA first edition: 2011, Particular Books
ISBN 1846143918

Includes my implementation of Henry Beck’s only prototype to include mainline railways and underground/metro lines. Perhaps less intimidating than the Tokyo map next to it.

London Underground Maps:
Art, Design, and Cartography

By Claire Dobbin
2011, Lund Humphries, ISBN 1848221048

I finally get my work published in an official London Transport Museum publication. These maps were also on display at the exhibition that this book accompanied.

Vignelli: Transit Maps

By Peter B. Lloyd
2012, RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press
ISBN 9781933360621

Includes my London Underground map in the Vignelli style, and the original Vignelli 1972 map brought up to date with modern colours

Designing and Visualizing Data

By Wang Shaoqiang
2014, Promopress, ISBN 8415967248

Concentric circles maps soon attract
people’s attention worldwide.

Focusing: Die Sprache der Intuition

By Diana von Kopp
2015, Springer Verlag, ISBN 3658087531

This was a surprise, I wasn’t asked
for a reproduction permission.

Die Blutige Fahrt zum Alexanderplatz

By Rainer Stenzenberger & Ulrich Sackenreuter
2015, Chipercy Verlag, ISBN 3981744606

The first tourist guide to feature one of my designs.

L’histoire du Métro Parisien Racontée par ses Plans

By Mark Ovenden, Julian Pepinster, & Pascal Pontremoli
2015, La Vie du Rail, ISBN 2370620153

Bizarrely, neither of my maps
in the English language edition make it to here. Instead there
is my implementation of the 1960s David Lawrence sketch, and my concentric circles map.

Transit Maps of the World
Atlas de Metros del Mindo

By Mark Ovenden
USA second edition: 2015, Particular Books
ISBN 014198144X

More of my New York designs appear in print,
and my commentary on effective map design.

Design of Visualizations for Human-Information Interaction:
A Pattern-Based Framework

By Kamran Sedig & Paul Parsons
2016, Morgan & Claypool, ISBN 1627057479

Includes a snippet of my London Underground
map in Vignelli style.

Great City Maps:
A Historical Journey Through Maps, Plans, and Paintings

By Sam Atkinson et al.
2016, Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 0241238981

My New York City Subway Circles map,
nicely displayed in a large format book.