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Showcase: Projects – Design

I have a lifelong interest in design and the decorative arts. My additional interest in transit maps was intensified with increasing disappointment at official designs being released in London. It is therefore
no surprise that, with my innate desire to explore and experiment, I would begin to engage creatively.
My background in cognitive psychology has laid firm foundations for specialising in information design, aiming for implementations that are easy to understand and use. To ensure the attainment of this goal, design and research go hand-in-hand and, from these, I have evolved a framework for effective design and a taxonomy of schematic map design rules in order to organise my thinking. There are also links to major commissioned projects, along with my work designing my own web pages and books.

Linearity Levels
Information Design: Transit Map Exploration

A cornerstone of my usability research has been the production of systematically designed maps for subsequent testing. This section provides an overview of my design philosophy, methodology and workflow that I have evolved.

Brexit Map Section
Information Design: Brexit Maps

Sietske de Groot of TradePeers Ltd. invited me to investigate the application of the transit map metaphor to visualise issues faced
by businesses preparing for Brexit. Twelve regional UK maps were created and, subsequently, extensively used for training.

Lifetime Finance Thumbnail
Information Design: Lifetimes of Personal Finance

I was approached by Aberfield PLC on behalf of firstdirect bank
to apply the transit map metaphor to show the different financial journeys of four generations. This project was undertaken jointly
with TradePeers Ltd. under the guise of Info Design Central.

Tube Map Central Web Page
Web Site Design and Implementation: Tube Map Central

The first Tube Map Central web page went live in 2005, evolving haphazardly for twelve years. I therefore undertook a complete revamp which was completed in summer 2017.

InDesign Thumbnail
Book Design and Publication

Two of my books, Underground Maps Unravelled and Tube Map Travels were entirely designed and laid out by myself using Adobe InDesign. Underground Maps Unravelled was also self-published.

Tube Crafts lettering
Font Design

My art maps and historical reconstructions require authentic
lettering and, when suitable fonts are not available off-the-
shelf, I create my own.