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Map Showcase: Interesting Links

Maintaining a good links page is a full time job. Unfortunately, blogs wither away, and subscriptions expire, turning the page into a history of web enthusiasm rather than a resource for information and up-to-date thinking worldwide. I have included a small number of here to pages that have been around for a while, and are likely to be around for the foreseeable future, and some dormant blogs, whose content is worth a look. A few resource pages are withstanding the test of time and, that’s it really. If any people feel they have sufficient map expertise and web stamina to join these links, by all means get in touch!

Currently active pages
  • Doug Rose has spent all his working life trying to make travel easier for people using public transport, and he designed London Underground maps from 1984 to 1987. He believes that the best designs are those that are so transparently easy and effortless to use that people do not realise just how much work went into creating them. His thoughts on effective design can be found here, along with a description of his long-term project to record for posterity the tile designs of London's original Yerkes Underground stations.

  • The Sign Design Society is a leading advocate of effective wayfinding information, based in the UK, it hosts regular meetings and events.

  • Mark Ovenden is the worlds most prolific map book author, featuring strongly in my third-party books page.

  • FWT London is a product of the demise of FWT Studios, with Doug Rose as owner continuing his commercial work.

  • Diamond Geezer writes generally, but with a London focus, and can always be relied upon for incisive analysis of the latest London Underground map.

  • Cameron Booth has given candid personal opinions for many years on transit map design worldwide.

  • Andrew Smithers has assembled a large number of maps worldwide, and also created a number of unconventional designs.

On-line resources that are standing the test of time
Dormant blogs
  • Annie Mole used to write regularly on all sorts of matters related to the London Underground, she had a large readership, and my unusual designs always attracted a lot of interest.

  • Peter Lloyd had a burst of activity concerning New York Subway maps, with books promised in the future, but currently appears to be dormant, with webpages not functioning properly.

  • Mark Ovenden hasn’t uploaded new material for a while, although he continues authoring.