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Press Clippings My maps have been attracting media attention ever since my first experimental designs were released on the internet. There are too many articles for me to scan or link to them all, and so here is just a small selection.

Have I missed anything important from this page? Let me know.
For all general and media enquiries, use this email address:

Apologies if any links are broken. Unfortunately, the internet is not as permanent as people thought it might be one or two decades ago, even for major news outlets. I do occasionally test and cull broken links, but if you can’t see an article then contact me on the address below, I try to collect all hard copy articles and might be able to supply a scan.

Articles about specific designs

Curvy Map Thumb Curvy Tube Map
My first design to capture the attention of the public

London Circles Map Thumb London Underground Concentric Circles map
The internet went crazy, I was famous for a fortnight

Berlin Map Thumb Berlin Experimental maps
An orderly sequence of prototypes, perfect for Germany

New York Circles Map Thumb New York City Subway Circles map
People craving to see New York City organised get what they want

South London Circles Map Thumb South London Circles map
Taming one of the most chaotic, disorganised networks in the world

Berlin 1980 Map Thumb 1980 Berlin S-Bahn map reconstruction
A beautiful unpublished design that
oozes politics from every line and letter

New York Vignelli 30-60 Map Thumb New York City Subway in Vignelli Style, 30°—60° diagonals
An experiment in finding angles that fit
the structure of the New York City Subway

Boston Maps Thumb Boston Marathon maps
No matter how simple the network,
it pays to investigate it systematically

Brussels Circles Map Thumb Brussels Metro and Tram Circles map
I know this network well, which helped
maximise the potential of a circles design

London Night Map Thumb London Underground Night Network map
Intended to be visually dramatic rather than usable

Mackintosh Glasgow Map Thumb Glasgow Railways map inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Adhering to a strict grid, but still a nice depiction of Glasgow

Chicago Frank Lloyd Wright Map Thumb Chicago El Map inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright
Based upon the early stained glass work of the master architect

Paris Metro Circles Map Thumb Paris Metro Circles map
A chance tweet by a well-known Paris designer/typographer,
and the map goes viral three years after completion

General accounts of my work and miscellaneous articles

  • Financial Times, October 2007
    A controversial new metro map causes outcry in Madrid, fortunately not one of my designs

  • BBC iPM, November 2007.
    The first mainstream media exposure of my designs to the world,
    unfortunately the radio interview seems to be no longer accessible

  • Creative Review Magazine, March 2009
    The British continue to be bemused as to why Parisians rejected Henry Beck’s Paris Metro diagram

  • Credit Suisse Magazine (in English), Credit Suisse Magazine (in German), March 2009
    Discusses computer generated maps along with some of my own designs

  • In Madrid, September 2010
    A curvy Madrid Metro map to smooth over the upset caused by the official design

  • BBC News Essex, September 2012
    Interview marks the release of my book, Underground Maps Unravelled

  • The Atlantic, CityLab, July 2013
    Mark Byrnes is a longstanding supporter, starting with this interview about my work in general

  • Umbreller Magazine, February 2014.
    I designed a Merseyside railways circles map especially for this interview

  • Metro, New York City, July 2014
    After my Vignelli-style 30°— 60° New York City Subway stirred some interest,
    Metro interviewed me about my work

  • The Atlantic, CityLab, August 2014
    I am asked for comments on airline route maps

  • Here Technologies 360 blog, September 2014
    An overview of my framework for effective design

  • La Cité des Ânes/Ezelstad, February 2015
    This is the web page that fired up interest in the Brussels Circles map,
    and they subsequently interviewed me

  • DPI Magazine, March 2015 (in Taiwanese)
    The first of two articles showcasing my work in Taiwan

  • Chicago Curbed, November 2015
    My Chicago El map with a circular loop gets an airing

  • Transport Public, April 2016 (in French)
    My Paris Circles map leads to French interest in other work

  • The Atlantic, CityLab, June 2016
    I am asked for comments on an unofficial Paris Metro map design,
    Linda Poon overplays my enthusiasm for it unfortunately

  • New Statesman CityMetric, July 2016
    George Dow’s masterpiece gets the attention it deserves

  • Ecomovilidad, July 2016 (in Spanish)
    Another outing for my Madrid curvy map

  • Wired Magazine, September 2016
    I am asked for comments about topographically accurate Underground maps

  • DPI Magazine, March 2017 (in Taiwanese)
    The second of two articles showcasing my work in Taiwan,
    this special issue of the magazine is a beautiful production

  • Graphéine blog, Confins: Revue Franco-Brésilienne de Géographie, both March 2017 (in French)
    Two articles, published at the same time, explore the history of the Paris Metro map,
    and highlight several of my designs