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Showcase: Projects – Overview

I have extensive experience in a wide range of domains of design and research. One focus is information design, specialising in the creation of transit maps, for which I have gained an international reputation. Other areas of expertise include book and web site design. Hand-in-hand with the creation of maps, as a firm believer in evidence-based design, my creations have been investigated in user research whenever possible. More recently, I have expanded into the realm of UX design. Ideas need to be communicated to survive, and I have been prolific in expressing my thoughts about effective design in lectures, talks and workshops delivered to university students, designers, transport professionals and the general public.

There are three versions of my CV to download.

DLR Project Mockup

I have been conducting user research on maps for almost two decades. As well as a summary of my research methodology and major findings, there is a case study of research commissioned by the Docklands Light Railway plus details of my recent movement towards UX design.

Linearity Levels

Design is an essential part of map research: comparing prototypes
for effectiveness is straightforward, but systematically constructed materials are required for identifying general principles. There are details of my design philosophy and methodology in this section. Beyond this, I have been invited to apply my skills to mapping Brexit and personal finances. In addition to maps, these web pages and two of my books are entirely my own work.

Lions & Lambs State Space

Teaching requires planning and organisation, identifying concepts, structuring narrative and trying to ensure clear explanations. I have taught a variety of topics to university students and I have also been keen to engage with people outside universities.