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Showcase: Projects – Research

Almost every day, I read assertions about product usability, but evidence in support of these opinions
is much rarer. Crucially, as a psychologist, I am well-versed in the topic of bias in human judgement
and, also important, massive individual differences in people’s evaluations of usability – even amongst professional designers. With opinions often directly contradicting each other, everyone cannot be
right, hence the need for evidence-based design. I have devoted a considerable amount of time to investigating transit map usability. More recently, observing that sometimes usability as determined
in the laboratory may not align with usability as perceived by the users themselves, I have become interested in how this is actually measured. This issue is the crux of user-centred design, and my
recent movement towards UX design is a logical development.

Stimulus Trial
User Research: The Effects of Map Design on Usability

I have been conducting user research on map design for almost two decades. Major findings are summarised in this section along with
links to publications.

DLR Project Mockup
User Research: Evaluating DLR Prototype Diagrams

I was invited by Doug Rose, of FWT Studios – on behalf of the Docklands Light Railway – to evaluate the usability of several train
and station diagrams of the network. Our recommendations were implemented in full.

UX Design Certificate
UX Design: Professional Diploma

Despite extensive experience at (mainly quantitative) user research,
I decided to undertake an online course in UX design. My portfolio of assignments from the course is in this section.