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Showcase: Introduction

On these pages, I give examples of major research and design projects that I have been involved with,
and discuss highlights of my maps. I link to media reactions to my work, including a listing of books and magazines that have featured my maps, and there are also photographs from exhibitions of my work.

Touch Screen Experiment

I have been involved in many research and design projects over the years, highlights are in this portfolio, including information design,
user research, and web design.

Crazy Tube Map
Map highlights

It’s hard to pick out designs that I am particularly fond of, they are
all meaningful to me in their different ways, but here is a selection
of my most interesting ones, along with some notes to explain why
I chose them.

German newspaper articles

My maps have been delighting and infuriating people worldwide for over ten years. One of them even won a design award. This section includes newspaper articles, alongside books and magazines that have featured
my work.

Exhibition photograph

Exhibitions have been hosted by venues at Southend on Sea, Colchester, Canterbury, Wivenhoe, London, Wadern (Germany), Providence (RI), and also Vienna.