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Teaching: University Modules

I have taught at psychology departments at the Universities of Nottingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, St Andrews and Essex. Topics have included quantitative research methods, human intelligence, animal intelligence, artificial intelligence, personality traits, reasoning and problem solving, and transit map research and design, both to undergraduate and postgraduate students. I have also been invited to
take part in teaching of map design at South Essex College, Parsons School of Design (New York City) and the New Design University (St Pölten, Austria). This page links to most recent versions of my
lecture slides for my key university modules in the Speaking section of this website.

Vignelli Map
Transit Maps: Past, Present, & Future

This exploration simultaneously drilled down deep and took a multidisciplinary perspective, covering architecture, design, art, politics, economics, psychology, computer science and usability testing. Students learnt about the history and context of transit maps, the effectiveness of these from the perspective of psychology, and how to evaluate their success. Coursework included designing and evaluating a transit map and conducting a usability study.

L&L Map
Intelligent Behaviour

This survey of human, machine and animal intelligence took the perspective of a cognitive psychologist looking to understand
the nature of intelligent processes. The module started with how people are intelligent and why they differ, it then investigated AI
via definitions, early work, philosophical underpinnings and the
future. It finished with animal intelligence via problem solving, tool use, language and communication and mind reading. The strands were drawn together by identifying recurring themes and common issues across the three domains. With so-called AI in the news on an almost daily basis, the importance of understanding its underpinnings is more important than ever so that both its strengths and its limitations can be properly identified.

Research Methods & Statistics

I have thirty years experience at teaching quantitative research methods. In the past, topics have included descriptive statistics, standard deviation, standard error, hypothesis testing, t-tests, correlation, regression and factor analysis. Gradually my teaching moved to focus on Analysis of Variance, covering single-factor
designs, follow-up tests, factorial designs and interaction. Many
years ago I wrote this textbook to accompany my teaching.