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Web Shop: Other Map-Related Items

There are currently no items for purchase on this page, but if new products become available, they will be added here and announced on Twitter, my news page, and in my newsletter. The Tube Map Central wall calendar was very successful, and is likely to be repeated in the future. Comments on my other ideas, or suggestions for new products always welcome, contact me by email.

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Map of the Month is an ideal yearly format, and it’s easy to link designs to months. I am keen to produce another in the future, but the best time to produce and order stocks is the busiest of my year. The 2015 edition was £12 with UK delivery.

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Jigsaw Puzzles?

Be very careful when buying a jigsaw of a schematic map. For a one-thousand piece puzzle with a plain background, the risk is that the solver will be left with hundreds of identical-looking
plain pieces at the end, which are almost impossible to place.
This prototype had 500 pieces and used a design with a lot of detail. The New York Subway Circles Map proved ideal for the task; an intricate creation in which every piece could be easily placed. Other designs should also be possible, so email me if
you might be interested in buying a map jigsaw puzzle.

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Other Possibiltiies?

Ticket wallets, teatowels, placemats. The possibilties are endless, and I’m open to suggestions for products and also possible partnerships. My decorative maps and circles maps are particularly well-received and products derived from them would be ideal as gifts for enthusiasts of the decorative arts. Do email me if you have suggestions or proposals. If you want to go it alone and license my designs for your own products, then you should read this page first.